mardi 11 juillet 2017

European Art Quilts Grand Finale

Katriina Flensburg, Sweden

Olga and Simon Prins-Lukowski spent thousands of hours of their free time over the last 20 years or so to promote art quilt and textiles. This summer the last exhibition, a Grand Finale, takes place in Goes, The Netherlands. There are 143 quilts hanging, a delight for the eyes. There are also three "one person" exhibits inside, all worth the trip by themselves. They showcase the work of Olga Prins, of Anco Brouwers-Brandehorst and Willy Doreijers, both close and helpful members of the Foundation.
Here are a few pictures of some of the quilts. More details on Instagram, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Katriina Flensburg, Sweden, detail

Leslie Gabrielse, The Netherlands

Leslie Gabrielse, The Netherlands, detail

Claire Higgott, United Kingdom 

Claire Higgott, United Kingdom, detail

Marjon Hoftijzer, The Netherlands 

Marion Hoftijzer, The Netherlands 

Dirkje van der Horst, The Netherlands

Dirkje van der Horst, The Netherlands, detail

Marita Lappalainen, Finland

Marita Lappalainen, Finland, detail

Jane Lloyd, Northern Ireland

Jane Lloyd, Norther Ireland, detail

Leslie Morgan, United Kingdom

Leslie Morgan, United Kingdom

Leslie Morgan, United Kingsom, detail

Maryline Collioud-Robert, Switzerland

Maryline Collioud-Robert, Switzerland

Maryline Collioud-Robert, Switzerland, detail

Tuija Oravainen, Finland

Tuija Oravainen, Finland, detail

Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, The Netherlands 

Olga Prins-Lukowski, The Netherlands

Heidi Strand, Iceland

Heidi Strand, Iceland, detail

Cecile Trentini, Switzerland

Cecile Trentini, Switzerland, detail

Irina Voronina, Russia

Irina Voronina, Russia, detail

Anne Woringer, France

Anne Woringer, France, detail

Charlotte Yde, Danemark

Willy Doreleijers, the Netherlands, detail

Anco Brouwers-Branderhorst, The Netherlands

Anco Brouwers-Brandehorst, The Netherlands, detail

Hildegard Braatz, Germany, detail

Bethan Ash, United Kingdom, detail

samedi 1 juillet 2017

Vacations / Vacances

Maryandpatch will be on vacations until the month of August!
But don't despair! Life goes on on Instagram!
And if you have time on your hands, know that I've published more than 1000 posts on this blog. So just go to your favorite search engine, write Maryandpatch and add any term you are interested in, like color, quilt, technique, exhibition, tutorial... You'll find a wealth of old posts, as well as technical and visual information!...

Maryandpath sera en vacances jusqu'au mois d'août!
Mais ne désespérez pas! La vie continue sur Instagram!
Et si vous avez du temps devant vous, sachez que j'ai publié plus de 1000 articles sur ce blog. Alors allez sur votre moteur de recherche, tapez Maryandpatch et ajoutez n'importe quel terme qui vous intéresse, comme couleur, quilt, technique, exposition, tutorial... Vous trouverez une multitude d'articles anciens, ainsi que de l'information visuelle et technique!...

lundi 26 juin 2017

Inspiration photo

samedi 24 juin 2017

Pedestrian Crossing Photo Inspiration 24

vendredi 23 juin 2017

Neuchâtel Patchwork Exhibition / Exposition

This year the theme for our group exhibition is the weather. All titles must contain a word related to the weather or weather report. Invitation and information below.
My quilt's name is "Percée dans les nuages", which means something like "peak through the clouds"... 

Cette année le thème de notre exposition de groupe est la météo. Tous les titres doivent contenir au moins un mot en relation avec le temps qu'il fait ou la météo. Invitation et informations ci-dessous.
Mon quilt s'appelle "Percée dans les nuages"...

I gathered all my beige, rust, brown scraps and made a free hand cutting crazy quilt.

J'ai rassemblé tous mes restes beiges, rouille, bruns et j'ai fait un quilt crazy à main levée.

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